Irvine: Shots Fired As Off-Duty Officer Detains Strangulation Suspect

01.10.2021 | 11:35 PM | IRVINE – A suspect who struggled with an off-duty peace officer resulting in shots fired was arrested for sexual battery and attempting to strangulate a woman, late Sunday night.

The incident unfolded at The Park at Irvine Spectrum apartments located in the 0 block of Prism around 11:35 PM.

Witnesses reported seeing a male attempting to strangle a female when another male, later identified as an off-duty San Bernardino County peace officer, attempted to intervene.

The off-duty officer struggled with the suspect resulting in at least one gunshot being discharged.

Nobody was struck by the gunfire and the suspect was quickly apprehended by arriving law enforcement.

The female fled the area in a pickup truck and was not immediately located.

The suspect, who has yet to be identified, was expected to be booked on charges of sexual battery.

Miles Madison

Miles started recording breaking news in late 2015 and has been providing breaking news video from the Orange County area ever since. Miles uses his previous experience in photography and radio communications to provide high-quality footage with unprecedented response times.