Newport Beach: Trumptilla Boat Parade Attracts 1,000+ Boats

09.06.2020 | 12:00 PM | NEWPORT BEACH – Over a thousand boats of all sizes participated in a “Trumptilla” boat parade around Newport Bay, Sunday afternoon.

A signal cannon was fired to mark the beginning of the parade around 12:00 PM.

An onslaught of boats descended traversed the bay and out to the breakwater of Newport Bay adorned with pro-Trump flags and other displays of patriotism.

Some onlookers watched the display from strategic viewing points on land.

Harbor Patrol officials were in the area to minimize any potential disturbance to marine traffic.

The event lasted about two hours and ended without incident.

Miles Madison

Miles started recording breaking news in late 2015 and has been providing breaking news video from the Orange County area ever since. Miles uses his previous experience in photography and radio communications to provide high-quality footage with unprecedented response times.