Tustin: Massive Street Takeover Bust

09.18.2020 | 11:33 PM | TUSTIN – A street takeover ended with a massive bust and multiple spectator vehicles being impounded by a specialized task force, late Friday night.

Members of the street racing task force descended on a street takeover at the intersection of Red Hill and Valencia avenues around 11:33 PM.

Officers surrounded the the group of performers and spectators and effected a mass stop which resulted in numerous misdemeanor citations being issued.

As part of the enforcement effort a contingent of tow trucks responded to impound vehicles involved in the illegal activity.

About 15 cars were impounded, some for up to 30-days, and numerous citations were issued but a concrete number was not immediately available.

The street racing task force consisting of officers from the Irvine, Tustin, and Santa Ana police departments was formed in response to a recent increase in street racing activities and crashes.

Miles Madison

Miles started recording breaking news in late 2015 and has been providing breaking news video from the Orange County area ever since. Miles uses his previous experience in photography and radio communications to provide high-quality footage with unprecedented response times.